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The 44th annual One Arm Dove Hunt will be held in Olney, Texas on September 11th and 12th, 2015.  What started as a joke in 1972 became a tradition and has grown as the only event of its kind on Earth.  It is quite a legacy that the two Jacks and the citizens of Olney have given the disabled.  If you take two one armed politicians, add a Texas tall tale and a few high flying doves, you can say you have quite a story to be told. 



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This "Olney  Story" shines as an example of what a hometown community can do for the disabled.  Every person with the loss of use of an arm or hand, or an arm or hand amputee across the nation is invited to Olney, Texas the first weekend after Labor Day.  This small community of 3,500 is located 45 miles south of Wichita Falls, Texas on Highway 114. 

Olney is the friendliest town west of the Mississippi River. 

Come join us and make us prove it.

According to C. Rodney James, "The amputees in attendance find the two day event not only a source of psychological support but an invaluable opportunity to exchange information, ideas and technology----all in a relaxed atmosphere of fun and fellowship each shooting for a better tomorrow.  Olney's famous one arm dove hunt is right on target.  THESE ARE GUNS THAT HEAL."

For the past 44 years, one armed men, women, and children have traveled to Olney from all over the United States and other countries, not only to hunt dove, but to take part in what has become " TEXAS' MOST UNUSUAL EVENT"....Olney's Famous One Arm Dove Hunt. 

It is a two-day event filled with:                     

Great Fellowship

Great Texas Food

Musical Entertainment

The Glove Swap


One Arm Jokes and Tales

One Arm Golf Tournament Cow Chip Chunk'n, Amputee vs. Politician Country Skeet Shoot Contest
  Our Two Day Auction The famous 10 cents a finger breakfast  

........................................and of course, The Dove Hunt.

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As in every year since 1972, the citizens of Olney are our most precious benefactors.

Our gratitude for their support can not be commended enough.  We thank them all for their gracious support of this wonderful event.

The driving force behind the OADH is the dynamic duo consisting of Jack Northrup, retired City  Manager, and Jack Bishop, retired County Commissioner.  These two co-founders of the two day event share their friendliness, corny jokes, and goofy banter with attendees on a daily basis.  The friendship and the camaraderie are most important---it's like an annual reunion for so many people from so many places.

Nothing medical science can offer compares with the positive peer support that amputees give and receive at this event.  "New amputees, particularly, have a lot of questions" said Northrup.  "We can share a lot of information and help each other towards a better way of life."

Whether you are a new amputee or an experienced one, we welcome you to this event.  Hunting or shooting is not necessary, there are plenty of other activities to excite and entertain you.  Bring your spouse and children as they will be able to benefit from the experience by sharing with other spouses and children of amputees and those with loss of use.


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